1. Dance.

Seriously – turn on some of your favorite jams and dance. Do it with your kids or spouse – be silly. Music and dance help us feel better.

Important Rule: Don’t pick a sad song.

2. Bring on the light!

I’m going against the EPA here – but turn on all your lights. My body craves light. So if it’s only gray outside, I still open all my curtains and shades, and turn on my lights so that it feels bright. Every light in the house is onnnnnnnnnnnn! But only for the gray winter. 

3. Mix things up.

If you’re stuck in the same ole, same ole every day, change it up. I’m a huge creature of habit but if I get the blahs, I like to take one day and do something different! Maybe have a movie or game day with your family. Maybe pile in your car and go to a museum. Or go for a winter hike. Go visit some friends. Just stop the blah routine in its tracks and do something else.

4. Use citrus.

Did you know that the smell of citrus promotes happiness? In the winter, you’ll find something citrusy for your diffuser every single day. But even if you don’t use oils, eat an orange. Sniff a lemon. Put some fresh lemon in your water.

5. Go somewhere.

If you can make it happen, take a trip. Overnight weekend trip can change your attitude. Find a fun Airbnb not too far away and take your family. Eat fun food, sleep in, watch movies. See something fun wherever you go. Road trips are always fun – and you can make it fit just about any budget.

Budding tulips coming up remind you that Spring is here. So when you get blue, or am feeling especially blah, walk over to the window and give them a glance. God is good to give us these little reminders all around us that He’s always working even when we can’t see it and it feels gray. Be encouraged. Warmer weather is on the way!