What You Need to Make This Ice Cream Door Hanger:

  • Cone Shaped Wall Container

  • Burlap Ribbon

  • Artificial flowers of your choosing...see samples below:
    • 4 large hydrangea stems (color of choice – we used pink)

    • 4-5 peony stems (color of choice – we used yellow)

    • 4 peony stems (another color – we used white)

    • 1 red flower of choice (the cherry!)

  • Floral foam

  • Floral pins

  • Wire Cutters

  • Glue Gun

  • Glue Sticks

STEP ONE: Begin by covering your cone-shaped container with burlap. Utilize a continuous piece of wired 2.5-inch natural burlap. Commence at the top back of the container and fasten it in place using a floral pin or a small amount of hot glue. Proceed to wrap the burlap around the entire cone, securing it at the bottom with another dot of hot glue or a floral pin. This will create the appearance of an ice cream cone.

STEP TWO: Insert a square piece of floral foam into the cone-shaped container, ensuring it fits snugly. Trim any excess foam protruding from the top.

STEP THREE: Arrange your flowers in rows. Start with a row of yellow peonies, followed by pink hydrangeas, white peonies, and finally, place a single red flower at the top to resemble a cherry.

For the first row of flowers, trim the stems to approximately 3 inches in length. Leave the stems around 5 inches long for the next row, approximately 8 inches for the third row, and keep the stem of the cherry flower the longest, at about 10 inches. If the stem of the red "cherry" flower is insufficiently long, you can attach it to a floral pick and wrap it with floral tape to add extra height.

Apply hot glue to the bottom 1/2 inch of each stem and insert them into the floral foam. Repeat this process for each flower.