Effective July 3rd, 2023

The city of Council Bluffs has announced significant improvements to the solid waste collection services for their residents. As part of a new contract, these enhancements will not only bring increased efficiency and sustainability but also ensure a cleaner and more organized neighborhood for everyone to enjoy. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of the upgraded services and the positive impact they will have on our community.

Monthly Rate Increase and Billing:

With the implementation of the new contract, there will be a minor monthly rate increase of just $1 for solid waste collection. The new solid waste rate will be $21 per month and will be billed quarterly. This adjustment allows for improved services while maintaining affordability for residents.

Continuing with Waste Connections:

Waste Connections, the city's current vendor, will continue providing their exceptional services. Their experienced drivers, management staff, and customer service operations have proven to be reliable and familiar to their customer base. By maintaining this partnership, a seamless transition and uninterrupted service quality is ensured.

Automated Collection and its Benefits:

One of the significant upgrades to the solid waste collection is the introduction of automated collection, aligning with industry standards. This shift brings forth several benefits that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the waste management system:

  1. Reduced Work-Related Injuries: The automation process minimizes the physical strain on the workers, reducing the risk of work-related injuries and promoting a safer working environment.

  2. Cleaner Neighborhood Streets: Automated collection ensures a more precise and efficient waste pickup, resulting in cleaner streets throughout our community.

  3. Uniformity of Carts: Every household will receive a 96-gallon recycling cart and a 96-gallon garbage cart, ensuring uniformity and efficiency in waste disposal.

  4. Less Wear and Tear on Roads: The automated collection process is designed to minimize the impact on our roads, reducing maintenance needs and promoting sustainability.

Service Options and Additional Offerings:

Residents will have the flexibility to customize their waste management services according to their needs. The following options will be available:

  1. 48-Gallon Carts: For households with smaller amounts of solid waste, 48-gallon carts will be provided as an alternative to the standard 96-gallon carts.

  2. Extra Bag Tags and Additional Carts: Residents requiring more capacity will have the option to purchase extra bag tags or additional carts to accommodate their waste disposal needs.

Enhanced Recycling and Yard Waste Collection:

The new service includes weekly co-mingled garbage and yard waste collection. During peak times in the fall and spring, additional yard waste collection will be available, ensuring an efficient and comprehensive waste management solution for our community.

Single-Stream Recycling and Glass Disposal:

The city is pleased to introduce single-stream recycling, simplifying the recycling process for residents. However, for safety reasons, curbside recycling will no longer accept glass. Residents are encouraged to dispose of glass via alternative methods, such as local recycling drop-off containers or at the Council Bluffs Recycling Center.

Bulky Waste and Appliance Collection:

Curbside collection of bulky waste and appliances will remain unchanged. Residents will still have the opportunity to schedule two pick-ups each year, ensuring a convenient disposal option for larger items.


The upgraded solid waste collection services in Council Bluffs mark an important milestone in the city’s commitment to enhanced efficiency, sustainability, and a cleaner neighborhood. By partnering with Waste Connections and implementing automated collection, they are revolutionizing waste management while prioritizing the well-being of the community and the environment.